Caring for your jewelry:

  • While showering or bathing will not damage your jewelry, soaps will leave a film on the jewelry that will diminish the patina and luster over a period. 

  • Store each piece separately to prevent them from rubbing and scratching. This will also help protect the intricate work of your jewelry.

  •  Always wear your jewelry after you have applied lotions, perfumes, hairspray, and cosmetics. This will prevent  exposure to residue and oily films that build up and cause damage.

  • After each wear, gently clean your jewelry with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth or chamois.

  • Never clean your jewelry with hard brushes or scrubbers. 

  • Always get your kundan and gemstone studded jewelry cleaned professionally. Do not attempt to clean them at home.

  • It is highly recommended to have your diamond rings checked professionally every 6 months to ensure the security of the setting.